open-end wrench

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  • open-end wrench — noun a wrench having parallel jaws at fixed separation (often on both ends of the handle) • Syn: ↑tappet wrench • Hypernyms: ↑wrench, ↑spanner • Hyponyms: ↑S wrench …   Useful english dictionary

  • open end wrench — noun : a wrench with jaws having a fixed width of opening at one or both ends of the handle …   Useful english dictionary

  • offset open-end wrench — See miniature offset open end wrench …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • miniature offset open-end wrench — A very small, open ended wrench with two jaw openings of the same size set at different angles to the handle, e.g., 15° at one end and 60° at the other. Also called electrical wrench …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • open-end — See miniature offset open end wrench …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • open-endwrench — open end wrench n. A wrench having fixed, open jaws on one or both ends. * * * …   Universalium

  • Wrench — For other uses, see Wrench (disambiguation). A set of chrome vanadium metric wrenches, open at one end, box/ring at the other. This type is commonly known as a combination wrench. A wrench or spanner is a tool used to provide grip and mechanical… …   Wikipedia

  • wrench — wrencher, n. wrenchingly, adv. /rench/, v.t. 1. to twist suddenly and forcibly; pull, jerk, or force by a violent twist: He wrenched the prisoner s wrist. 2. to overstrain or injure (the ankle, knee, etc.) by a sudden, violent twist: When she… …   Universalium

  • wrench — [1] A device for removing nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. [2] A colloquial term for a mechanic or someone who is handy repairing engines. [3] To use a wrench tool. See adjustable wrench Allen wrench box wrench brake adjusting wrench brake… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • flare nut wrench — A wrench which looks almost like an open end wrench except the end curls around the nut further. The opening allows the wrench to slide over a tube or pipe to which a nut is attached, but not directly over the nut. Thus you have to slide it over… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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